Financial Aid

Financial Aid

The Massachusetts School of Barbering is eligible to participate in the following financial assistance programs:

  1. Federal Pell Grants
  2. Direct Federal Student Loans
  3. Parent Loans ( PLUS )

We invite you to consult with our financial aid officer if you require financial assistance with your tuition payment.

Graduation Requirement

To successfully complete the school programs, the student must complete the following criteria:

  1. All academic, practical and attendance requirements.
  2. When all tuition fees are paid in full.
  3. When the student completes the above requirements, he/she will be awarded a Certificate of Completion
  4. The student is then eligible to apply to the State Board of Barbers for licensure examination.

Student Services

Massachusetts School of Barbering offers many student advisory services to enable the student to complete his/her program successfully. Students may consult with the office or their instructors for any academic or personal advising they may require.

Out of town students who may require assistance with housing, transportation, or child care, may access this information by contacting the school director.

Students will automatically be advised by the school if the student is at risk of being placed on probation because of lack of academic progress.

Students may request or be recommended by school personnel for personal advising regarding emotional, family and/or drug and alcohol issues. Students will be referred to the appropriate agencies by the school.