Tuition and Payment Schedule

Tuition and Payment Schedules

1000 Hour Barber Styling Program

Tuition Cost (includes tool kit and books) $ 14900.00
Registration Fee $      50.00


All students who have unfunded balances (tuition and fees not covered by Federal 
Financial Aid and/or state aid) must pay 25% of that balance as a down payment    
and 3 additional 25% payments. All payments are due at the beginning of each 
scheduled quarter. Payments can be made with personal check, cash or money order. 
The school does not accept credit or debit cards.  

State Exam and Licensing Fees

The above fees do not include the cost of taking the state barber licensing exam and obtaining a license. Those fees are:

State Exam Fee – $145.00
Licensing Fee – $20.00


1000 Hour Barber Styling Program


The objective of the Barber Styling program is to train students in all aspects of the hairstyling profession. The
 student will acquire skills in haircutting, tapering, trimming of the beard and mustaches, scalp treatments, facials,
 shampooing, honing and stropping, shop management, light therapy, hair coloring and permanent waving.  Students who
 complete their program will be eligible for entry-level positions in the barber/styling field, or choose to assume
 positions as assistant barber instructors, manufacturer's representative, or hair colorist. All students must complete
 their training in 1.5 times the scheduled course length or they will be dismissed from the program.  For example: A
 student contracted for 1000 hours must complete within 1500 scheduled hours or s/he will be dismissed. A student
 contracted for 500 hours must complete within 750 scheduled hours or she/he will be dismiss.
Cosmetology Credit        
Candidates that have already completed 1000 hours of instruction in a Massachusetts cosmetology school and/or hold a
 Massachusetts cosmetology license are eligible for a 500 hour credit towards the 1000 hour Barber Styling requirement.
 This will cut their tuition cost in half, to $7450.00. Registration fee ($50) still applies.                            
Program Starting Dates  
The Barber Styling day and evening programs start the first Tuesday of every month throughout the calendar year.
Classes are in session five (5) days a week, Tuesday through Friday, 9 AM to 4:30 PM 

and Saturday, 9 AM to 4 PM.
Schedule of Completion *
Program Class schedule Hrs.per week No. of weeks
Full-Time Tues-Fri 9:00AM-4:30PM
Saturday 9:00AM-4:00PM* 34.5 29
Part-Time Tues-Sat 9:00AM -1:OOPM 20.0 50
Part-Time Tues-Sat 10:00AM -1:OOPM 15.0 67

The normal schedule of completion is based on 100% attendance.
Students may attend a maximum of 8 hours per day.

Barber Styling Graduation Rates

06/2018-05/2019 34.5 hours/week – 88% (15 out of 17 students)
10/2017-09/2018 20 hours/week – 76% (19 out of 25 students)
04/2017-03/2018 15 hours/week – 79% (11 out of 14 students)

Barber Styling Employment Rates

06/2018-05/2019 34.5 hours/week – 100% (15 out of 15 students)
10/2017-09/2018 20 hours/week –  74% (14 out of 19 students)
04/2017-03/2018 15 hours/week –   82% (  9 out of 11 students)


*Lunch break is 1-1:30 pm. That half hour is automatically deducted from the day’s total time if a student attends more than 5 hours per day. Students may get credit for that half hour if they cut a customers’ hair during that time and skip going to lunch.


Program Curriculum (1000 Hours)

400 Hours Haircutting
90 Hours Perming
75 Hours Haircoloring
40 Hours Chemical Relaxing
50 Hours Shaving
10 Hours Honing and stropping
10 Hours Shampooing
20 Hours Mustaches and beards
80 Hours Sterilization and sanitation
15 Hours Scalp treatments
15 Hours Facials
5 Hours Light therapy
10 Hours Shop management
180 Hours Classroom Theory
1000 Hours Total



Tool Kit

The school issued tool kit (including books) is included in the tuition fee, for students contracted for a minimum of 500 hours.  The kit consists of the following:

1 carrying case 1 afro comb
1 Wahl Detailer (corded) 1 rat tail comb
1 Wahl Magic Clip (corded) 2 barber combs
1 neck duster 2 styling combs
1 long barber shear 1 flattop comb
1 styling shear 6 hairclips
1 thinning shear 1 curling iron
1 hairdryer 1 styptic
1 razor with blades 1 water bottle
1 chair cloth holder 6 doz perm rods
1 textbook  1 vent brush
1 workbook  1 round brush
1 exam review book  1 bristle brush
1 pair gloves 1 shampoo cloth
1 afro pick 1 cutting cloth
1 mannequin with stand 1 styling jacket
1 fingernail brush 1 wet sanitizer
1 clipper brush 1 disinfectant spray
1 talcum powder 1 disinfectant solution


Grading System

The school’s grading system is based on the A,B C system and is used for all written and practical examinations.

90 to 100 Excellent A
80 to 89 Good B
70 to 79 Satisfactory C
00 to 69 Unsatisfactory F

A 70% combined average (practical and written) is required to pass the course.


Make-Up Work
1. Students are responsible for all classwork missed due    
to absence or tardiness. Class notes and classwork    
missed must be obtained from fellow students.
2. All hours and examinations missed because of absence    
or tardiness must be made up in order to complete the    
program successfully and receive their Certificate of    
3. Students may arrive and sign in as early as 8:45 AM and    
stay as late as 4:45PM, or cut a customer's hair during    
the lunch break (lunch credit), to make up for missed    
time. Maximum time credited per day is 8 hours,    
according to the Board of Cosmetology and Barbering.
4. An incomplete grade will be considered a failure when a    
student fails to make-up or retake a missed or failed    
scheduled exam by the end of the following month. For    
example: a test given in the month of January must be    
made up or retaken by the end of February. The failed    
grade or a grade of "0" will be applied towards his    
cumulative average.

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