School Objectives / Placement Services

School Objectives

The Massachusetts School of Barbering’s method of teaching was carefully planned by our directors and staff. Our system of teaching is keyed to the demands of the modern hairstyling salon.

Our graduates are not only trained in practical and scientific barbering, but they are also trained in all principles of barber shop management, business and personal ethics, and conduct towards the public as well as fellow workers.


Educational Objectives

The Massachusetts School of Barbering has specific educational objectives for each student. The school will provide the student with specific skills necessary to pass state licensure examination and to be gainfully employed in the Barber/Styling profession. Massachusetts School of Barbering offers to its students one training program for those with no prior experience in the Barber/Styling field. Students that have completed 1000 hours in cosmetology get a 500 hour credit towards the 1000 hour Barber Styling requirement.

Placement Service

The Massachusetts School of Barbering staff is always available to its graduates for placement advising. The school cannot guarantee, by law, that a graduate will secure employment. However, the school has an on-going placement service.

Job placement assistance is arranged by:*

1. Personal referrals by the school director to potential employees.

2. Personal interviews between potential employers and students who have completed the course.

 * Placement rates are listed in the Tuition and Payment Schedules section.