Admission Information

Admission Requirements

Massachusetts School of Barbering admits as regular students only those individuals who:

  1. Are 17 years of age or older
  2. High School Graduates or
  3. Holders of G.E.D. Certificates
  4. Must pass a reading comprehension test (10th grade level)


School Admission Procedures

  1. Potential students should contact the school by phone, email or letter to request a brochure or interview.  Information is also online at

    All students must tour the facility and be interviewed to determine the suitability of the candidate for the program.  Candidates must demonstrate the character, ability and commitment to successfully complete the program and to work in the occupation for which they are  being trained.   Behaviour and conduct during the admissions interview will  also be considered.  The school reserves the right to deny admission to any candidate it deems not suitable based on the ability to complete the course or succeed in the occupation.


  1. The registration form is to be returned to the school accompanied by a $50.00 registration fee in order to be officially enrolled before the start date.
  2. A copy of High School Diploma or transcript or G.E.D., as well as a birth certificate or driver’s license or state identification is required. A student may not begin classes until submitting the Diploma or GED. 
  3. If all requirements are met, and the school accepts the student’s application, they must enter into an enrollment agreement with the school by signing an Enrollment Agreement form before starting their program.
  4. The School will credit the student with any previous hours obtained in an accredited barber styling school and for hours registered at the Board of Registration of barbers